BYOD Program


Moving forward, all Year 7-10 students at Merbein P-10 College are expected to take part in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programThe BYOD program invites students in Year 7-10 to bring their own digital devices to the college. Our technicians will support the setup of college software and infrastructure on the device.

BYOD Program

BYOD offers significant advantages for students, as they can be customised for each individual student and will seamlessly operate between home and school. Whatever circumstances may arise, the student will have their work and the ability to study and submit work wherever they have an internet connection available to them. During Covid lockdowns, participating students of the BYOD program were able to quickly and successfully adjust to remote learning without having the additional burden of unfamiliar learning practices and technologies.

Approved Devices

The college technicians can support most devices that are presented in serviceable condition, but have recommended for families to try and supply a reputably branded Netbook/Laptop/Tablet device where possible for compatibility and reliability reasons. Examples of common manufacturers are: Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, Apple (iPad/Macbook), Lenovo. Android devices may be used but are limited to basic internet only. The College cannot guarantee that all Android devices will work on our network, depending how current it is.

Purchasing Options

Many families may already have a device at home that can be readily set up for use. If you decide to get a new device for your child, they can be purchased from any retailer of your choice. The school has a parent portal with JB Hi-Fi, which gives families easy access to purchase a device that has already been pre-approved by the school technicians. This option is to support families that may not be confident shopping for a device at a retailer and a convenient way for families to organise a new device without the need to go to a store. A link to the JB HiFi portal is included for your reference – Use the school codeMerbein2024


Warranty Claims



In the case of Apple devices, students may be required to download apps recommended by their teachers. This means that students will require their own iTunes account. Legally, students who are under the age of 13 require parent permission to set up an iTunes account. Parents are therefore asked to sign a Parent Approval form if your child falls under the legal age. Students are able to have their devices set up to access the school’s wireless network and will be able to use their iPads to print.

Responsibility for Taking Care of Digital Devices

Students are expected to be responsible for ensuring their devices are securely stored, handled carefully, fully charged and ready for use each day. It is also their responsibility for ensuring their devices are used in accordance with DET/ School Cyber Safety guidelines. Secondary students are provided with a locker and it is expected that students who BYOD must ensure that it remains locked at all times. The school takes all reasonable measures to help students to look after their BYOD devices but ultimately, the responsibility rests on the individual. The college also strongly recommends that students provide a robust protective cover and/or carry case for their device. All locker bay areas are under 24-hour CCTV surveillance.


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