School Policies  



Action Plan - Aboriginal Learning/Wellbeing/Safety    Download: Aboriginal Learning/Wellbeing/Safety Action Plan

Administration of Medication Policy   Download: Administration of Medication Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy   Download: Anaphylaxis Policy

Annual Implementation Plan   Download: Annual Implementation Plan

Attendance Policy   Download: Attendance Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy   Download: Bullying Prevention Policy

Camps and Excursions   Download: Camps and Excursions

CCTV Policy   Download: CCTV Policy 

Child Safe Standards - Code of Conduct    Download: Child Safe Standards - Code of Conduct

Child Safety and Wellbeing    Download: Child Safety and Wellbeing

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations    Download: Child Safety and Reporting Obligations Policy

Complaints Policy   Download: Complaints Policy 

Curriculum Framework   Download: Curriculum Framework (2019) 

Digital Learning    Download: Digital Learning

Digital Technologies    Download: Digital Technologies (2019) 

Duty of Care    Download: Duty of Care Policy 

Electronic Funds Management Policy    Download: Electronic Funds Management Policy (2019) 

Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination Policy    Download: Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination Policy (2019) 

First Aid Policy   Download: First Aid Policy

Fundraising Policy  Download: Fundraising Policy (2019)

Health Care Needs Policy  Download: Health Care Needs Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Policy  Download: Inclusion and Diversity Policy (2019)

 Mobile Phones Policy  Download: Mobile Phones Policy

Parent Payments Policy  Download: Parent Payments Policy (2018)

Personal Property Policy  Download: Personal Property Policy 

Reconciliation Action Plan  Download: Reconciliation Action Plan

Schools Privacy Policy Click Here To View

School Strategic Plan  Download: School Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Statement of Values and School Philosophy  Download: Statement of Values and School Philosophy

Student Wellbeing and Engagement - Policy  Download: Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

Visitors Policy  Download: Visitors Policy

Volunteers Policy  Download: Volunteers Policy

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy Download: Yard Duty and Supervision Policy

School Privacy Collection Policy  School Privacy Collection Policy

DET Schools' Privacy Policy Website DET Schools' Privacy Policy Webpage

Photographing/Recording Students Consent Form Photographing and Filming Students Annual Consent Form

Photographing/Recording Students Policy Photographing and Filming Students Policy

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